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The accumulation of dust and debris in PCs would catch most people by surprise. Have you ever found yourself sitting at your computer/laptop station and hear an extremely loud noise coming from the inside of PC? Usually this is a direct result of an excessive amount of dust, dirt and debris caught in the fans of your PC.

Why is this such a worrisome situation? What are the advantages to cleaning out your PC to free of these unwanted particles? The PC is an amazing machine capable of bringing you information with the click of button within seconds; however this very simple issue, if allowed to go unnoticed, can become a physical virus in and of itself and cause your PC to work double in trying to think and in fact as well as function.

In order to adjust to this setback, your PC is forced to boost the intensity of its fans in order to better serve you. Is there anything we can do to fix this? Thankfully there is and PC Wizards has identified this common issue and how to help you tackle it.

There are ways to go about deciding when and how to preform dusting and clean up to your PC. Here at PC Wizards, we encourage dusting to performed as much as needed so that your computer can serve you longer and more efficiently. However, the amount of times you should consider a dusting of your PC depends greatly on its environment.

This is a factor that sometimes can become overlooked when trying to identify the possible reasons why there is buildup of dirt. Usually the average PC needs no more than 2-3 annual cleanings. However, these numbers can vary if your station is located in a carpeted area, where pets lurk, where smokers might go to smoke and even if is used on top of a bed. The similarity of all of these factors is that they all carry the likelihood of extracting and leaving behind dirt, dust and debris. The most unfortunate part is that it doesn’t take much for the air to bring these particles into your fans.

By keeping your PC clean and free of these particles, your machine will go back to serving you at the highest quality possible by maintaining proper air flow in its inner core. PCs are vulnerable to heating depending on the amount of time it is working. This natural process is inevitable, however overheating can be controlled and by cleaning your machine and freeing it of unwanted dirt can help with overheating problems.

With many years of experience in serving our local community, we have encountered this issue more than once and are experienced in how to properly clean your PC. When it comes to perform these tedious and elbow grease required tasks, look no further. PC Wizards is here for you and for all of your PC needs. Do not hesitate! We cannot wait to serve you today!