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Computer Cleanup Service for PC and Mac Maintenance

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When PC Wizards performs a thorough cleanup on a machine, we do the regular routine maintenance.  This includes deframenting, performing a disk cleanup,  cleaning temporary internet files,  temporary internet cookies, and internet cache. We also scan for, and remove, viruses, worms, IRP hooks, rootkits malware, spyware, adware, key loggers, remote software, pups, ransomware, and all malicious software.

We also make sure your system is running at its peak performance, by ending any kind of unneeded programs that may be running in the background or any that start with the machine that are unneeded.

We resolve error messages that occur from programs or the operating system itself. When we perform a thorough cleanup, the tools we usually use are MalwareBytes, SUPER Anti-Spyware, ADW CLEANER, CCLEANER, Spybot, and Rogue Killer.

As far as virus removal, we recommend what your internet service provider provides a free service If they don’t provide one, we recommend AVG or Avast. If there are other more serious issues, we use other tools like RKill, JRT, Powerliks Cleaner, TDSS Killer,  MalwareBytes rootkit remover, GMR, Spyware Doctor, Hit Man Pro, and Hijack This.

Sometimes if a system is highly infected or the operating system is no longer intact or operable, you just simply have to start over with the computer and perform a clean install. This entails a format and reinstall of the operating system, which we are more than capable of performing.

Also, in doing this, if there is important data, we will back up and restore the it, as well as reinstall any programs, provided the correct licensing is present.

We work on all platforms including Windows and Mac, desktops and laptops, tablets and phones, gaming machines and game consoles. At times, if your machine is older, upgrades may be necessary for the machine to keep up with the ever changing technology of today’s computer world.

Generally, upgrading the memory will take care of this issue.  Upgrading the CPU or the central processing unit may also help. Other options if you are running out of space may be a bigger hard drive.

If you are a gamer or just want ridiculous fast, then upgrading to a SSD or solid state drive is the answer. Unlike traditional HDDs or hard disk drives with solid state drives, there are no moving parts-so the speed difference is unbelievable.

It is something you really have to experience for yourself. The only down side is if you have multiple machines, you try it on one of them.  Its a pretty sure bet you will want a solid state drive on all of your machines. So after a computer is completely clean, it is up to the user to keep it running properly.

​We provide instructions on how to properly maintain a computer using the tools which we also provide. Using these tools and maintenance instructions will keep your system running at its peak performance. As long as this maintenance is performed, computer use will be much more enjoyable than if no care or maintenance was done.