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Software Repair and Support


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When repairing computers, the tasks can seem daunting. First things first-identify the issue.  Sometimes recreating the problem is necessary to identify the problem or the cause of the problem.

For example, if an error only occurs when a specific program is accessed or initiated, then it is probably the specific program that had the issue.

Generally when programs have issues, the resolution is to remove the program completely then reinstall the program. If practicing this, make sure to back up any information that is important with in the program if possible.

Some programs have a repair feature built in. Some examples are Microsoft Office programs,  Quicken, Quickbooks, and many others. Some programs like the ones mentioned, use data files and at times these days files become corrupt and can cause the issue as well.

It is really important to have some kind of data back up system in place. The only solution at this point, would be to restore from a bank up copy.

As far as a resolution to this particular issue, it is simply uninstalling and reinstalling the program and restoring from a back up copy.

Another software issue that commonly occurs is updates or problems updating.

This in particular, is referring to windows updates, you may notice a error message coming from the bottom right corner saying updates failed. The program responsible for that is the Windows update program.

So to access it go to control panel, switch to classic view then go to windows update. Within the program, you can select view update history, from there you can see your successful and failed updates. Find a update that has continued to fail. Get the update code usually is a KB************ format. Then you can Google or use whatever search engine you prefer for that particular update and get a stand alone installer for that update.

You may have to uninstall if the update partially installed. After that is done, install the update with the stand alone installer, which should resolve that issue.

Generally software is where viruses and malicious activities occur. Although not impossible, viruses and malicious activities usually don’t occur in hardware.

If errors occur in the actual operating system after a system has been thoroughly cleaned up. A clean install or format and reinstall will resolve any issues. Although a repair to the operating system is a option, a format and repair is almost a sure bet to resolve any issues.

Registry is a behind the scenes is the backbone of the operating system or a major part of the software. If registry errors occur, a repair of the operating system is necessary.

Sometimes performing a disk check may fix these issues. Another one that may need to be used at the command prompt unless using a program is sfc/scannow, which may help in the repair of the Microsoft software.

​We sometimes use a tool called Windows tweaking repair, which specializes in repairing the most common Windows errors and problems.